Halloween (belatedly)

Will dressed up as a firefighter for Halloween – or as he calls it, a “fighter-fighter”.  Keswick Village had a Halloween event the Saturday before Halloween, with tons of kids trick-or-treating at the shops in the Village.  Will was a little shy at first, but he was very excited to trick-or-treat and get lots of candy.  After every few stops, he would shake his bag to see how much he had gotten.  (I hope he learned this from The Great Pumpkin, and not just because he’s greedy!)

He also loved seeing the other kids dressed up in costumes.  His two favorites were a little boy dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine, and another boy who was dressed as “a fighter-fighter, just like me!”  And he squealed with delight when he saw a mom in a Perry the Platypus shirt and hat!

We did a little bit of trick-or-treating on Wednesday night too, just 3 houses.  He was excited to go, but I think three was just enough, for him and for us.  All in all, a very successful first year of trick-or-treating.



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