Things Will Says:

Me: Who brings presents at Christmas?

Will: Santa Claus.  And Craig.

[He’s told me this twice now, so it must really be true.]

Will:  Can I feel your boobs?

Me: ….

Will: They’re really big!


Things Will Says

We’re friends. We’re all people.

Wow! looks like We have all the crackers we need right here.

Great counting, Mommy.  I’m so proud of you.

Thanks for listening, Daddy.

Let’s make a jig puzzle.

Boot shopping?

Wilbert quotes

On the morning meal: “I like breaktis.”

What we wear to the beach: “Swimmin soup.”

Immediately after waking up: “I hafta make a poopy in da potty. There’s Meemer, he’s a kitty cat, he has two ears just like me. I wanna see Daddy.”

On pulling a wagon: “I not needin any help.”

After dropping my straw: “Your straw left, Mommy”